Curried Chicken Sautéed with Onions and Cream

Curried Chicken Sautéed with Onions and Cream
Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

1 chicken breast (with bone and skin) cut into two serving pieces
½ baseball sized yellow onion
2 Tbsp. of butter
1 tsp of curry powder
¼ cup of dry vermouth
1 cup of heavy cream
Salt and pepper
½ lemon

1. Melt butter in pan with curry powder

2. Sauté chicken turning until it stiffens on all sides and just begins to brown seasoning lightly with salt and pepper

3. Remove chicken from pan and set aside

4. Dice onion and put in pan used to cook chicken. Cover pan and cook slowly until onion is soft—about five minutes

5. Add chicken back to pan

6. Add vermouth and cook until alcohol evaporates

7. Heat cream in microwave until hot and add to chicken

8. Squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice

9. Taste and adjust seasoning as necessary, cover, and simmer on low heat until chicken is cooked through—about 20 minutes

10. Serve with long grained rice and peas, brocolli, or green beans

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